Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Reality Of Global Warming

The emission of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is contributing to global warming. 

This is the city fog we saw in the 1900s, which absorbs or traps infrared heat from the Sun in the atmosphere. The increase in global mean temperature may be directly related to the average increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

There is huge proof that the environment and environment of our planet are quickly changing as an immediate aftereffect of a worldwide temperature alteration. Droughts, shrinking glaciers and glaciers, storms, rising ocean temperatures, and rising sea levels, changes in the distribution of bacteria and diseases. 

Many people feel that human activity is a significant contributing factor. So far this year, there is solid scientific evidence to address this issue (October 2007). The rate at which the world's oceans are absorbing carbon dioxide has now declined significantly. Because the oceans are now filled with carbon dioxide. Beyond this point, most of our CO2 production will go directly into the atmosphere, increasing global warming.

Worldwide, recent data show an increase in the intensity of hurricanes, droughts, rains, and floods. The devastating hurricane season of 2005 is just one example. ) basin in Category 5 in the Atlantic, three hurricanes have strengthened into Category 5. More than half have turned into hurricanes.

The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment was published in late 2004. Shows agreement." Recent reports from Greenland suggest that glaciers are growing at a meter per hour and thinning rapidly. In summer the Arctic ice cap is shrinking to its smallest size, and in winter the cold doesn't keep it as cool as it used to be. In fact, rising sea levels and violent weather are now making the coastal areas more severe.

In fact, we can now expect all climate change models to become obsolete. Similar to a Hollywood movie, you can imagine a scientist trying to explain to the president how the world's oceans directly increased CO2 in the atmosphere by reducing the CO2 absorption rate and saying "We're now doing a 2-degree increase." Can expect. 10 years compared to the next 50 years, Mr. Or for you Americans using gas: Forget about any big coastal city. The development will prevent any attempt to protect these areas.

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